lunes, 18 de septiembre de 2017

Hair and Beauty Haul Video

I was finally able to film a new video for my Youtube channel and I'm very excited to share it with you! The truth is I really enjoy editing videos so that's why whenever I have a good excuse to do a video I always try to do it because I have so much fun editing them! 
So, for this video, I did a little recap of all the hair and beauty products I have bought during my last trip! In case you want me to do a review of any of these products please let me know!! Hope you like it! :)

miércoles, 13 de septiembre de 2017

Cluse Watches Wishlist

Watches are definitely my favorite accessories and during my last trip, my Swatch gold watch got a little bit damaged and I'm very sad about it because I really love that watch and I would love to keep using it. However, it doesn't look as good now, so I have started to search for a new one to replace it when I stumbled upon this brand called Cluse
It's so typical when you start searching for some particular item that you start getting advertisement related to this search and this is exactly how I find out about this brand. It was an advertisement on my Instagram feed and I have to say I'm really happy that I saw it because they have many amazingly beautiful watches. 
I have browsed through their web store and I really love a lot of their designs. I think their watches look very feminine, delicate and timeless. So, I decided to prepare this wish list to show you my favorites! Please let me know if you have tried this brand and what are your thoughts about it! Also, if you know another good brand of watches that you think I should consider I would really appreciate the advice :)

All pictures were taken from Cluse website

lunes, 11 de septiembre de 2017

5 Places to Visit in Zürich in a Day

As I have mentioned in my last post, I was traveling during the last month and on this trip, I had to do a stop in Zürich for some hours before I took the next flight. I was really excited about this layover because I have already been in Zürich two years ago and it was a city that I really loved visiting! I had exactly 9 hours to spend in the city and my original plan was just to go to the lake, which is definitely my favorite part of town and just spend the day there but the weather wasn't helping that much and it started raining so I had to change the plans. But the truth is Zürich has many interesting things to see and do so I thought it was a good idea to prepare a little guide for you with my favorite places to visit if you are going to visit the city for a day or some hours like I did. So, let's start!

1. Visit Zürich Lake

As I have just mentioned, Zürich Lake is definitely my favorite place for sure and it's the first thing I would recommend you to include in your travel plans. I love visiting lakes in general but the good thing about Zürich Lake is that it's practically in the city center and it's very easy to get there. Plus it's the perfect place to relax and enjoy on a beautiful day because it's very peaceful and the landscape is so beautiful that it will for sure fill your heart with happiness. Also, I strongly recommend you to take a boat ride through the lake if you can because it's very nice experience and it's a great way to go back to the city center once you have walked all the way down the lake. So, even though in my case, the day wasn't the best, I still went to the lake, took some nice pictures and enjoyed until the rain started.

2. Go to Sprüngli to taste the best swiss chocolate

I don't know about you but when I think about Switzerland I instantly think about Swiss chocolate. So, if you are visiting Zürich you must go to Sprüngli, which is the best and most traditional Swiss chocolate house. There are many Sprüngli shops where you can buy some nice chocolate boxes for you or your friends and family but I recommend going to the one located at Paradeplatz (Bahnhofstrasse 21) because it's very big and it also has a cafe and restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and a cake made with the best Swiss chocolate ;)

3. Walk on the Bahnhofstrasse

This is the street where all the shops are located and it also has a lot of interesting coffee places and restaurants (including Sprüngli). It's definitely the best place to go shopping, because you can find a lot of clothing, makeup, beauty brands here but also there are souvenir shops and more places to buy chocolate :) In addition, the street is located just in front of the Main Train station so it's very easy to find.

4. Walk around the Old Town

The Old Town is for sure the most charming part of the city. Here you can find a lot of nice, very typical buildings and narrow streets perfect to get lost. Also here you can find the most important cathedrals of the city, for example, the Grossmünster Cathedral, which is completely stunning and you can go up on the towers and get a really cool view of the town. So, if you have enough time you can't miss this!! 

Grossmünster Cathedral

5. Go up to Lindenhof

Lindenhof is a very pretty park -green space on top a hill in the middle of the Old Town. It's located on the left side of the Limmat River and it's a very interesting place to visit because you can get a great view of the Old Town and the river for free. Also, it's the perfect place to sit on a bench, enjoy the view and rest for a moment after walking a lot around the city, so that's why it's one of my favorite spots in Zürich!

These last two pictures look different because I took them during my first visit :)

So, these are my top 5 places to visit in Zürich if you are going to be there for a day or some hours. I hope this was helpful to you and I would really love to know if you have visited this city or if you would like to visit it in the future! In my case, after two years of my first visit, I still find it quite charming! 

miércoles, 6 de septiembre de 2017

Instamonth: August

El mes pasado estuve un poco desaparecida porque tuve la oportunidad de hacer un viaje así que aunque no estuve posteando ni comentando tanto en el blog durante el mes de agosto, si estuve posteando mucho en mi cuenta de Instagram, así que acá les dejo mi resumen del mes :)

I was a little missing last month because I had the opportunity to do a little summer trip so, even though I was posting that much on the blog during August, I did post a lot on my Instagram. So here is my August Instagram recap :)

Una vista de Buenos Aires / A view from Buenos Aires

 Desayuno en Zagreb / Having breakfast in Zagreb

Uno de mis lugares preferidos de Zagreb: el parque Zrinjevac / One of my favorite spots in Zagreb: Zrinjevac park

Café en Split / Coffee time in Split 

La mejor vista de Split / Best view of Split 

Zagreb desde arriba / Zagreb from above  


La vista desde el Castillo Trsat en Rijeka / The view from Trsat Castle in Rijeka 

La playa Zlatni Rat en la isla de Brač / Zlatni Rat beach at Brač island

Días de playa en Rijeka / Beach days in Rijeka 

Uno de los lugares más lindos para tomar un cafe en Opatija / One of the most beautiful places to go for coffee in Opatija 

Rovinj fue una de mis ciudades preferidas de este viaje / Rovinj was one of my favourite places in this trip 

 Korzo, la calle principal de Rijeka / Korzo, Rijeka's main street

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lunes, 4 de septiembre de 2017

My Essentials for a Good Night Sleep

Sleeping well the night before is the first step to having an amazing day. Haven't you noticed how every day you don't sleep enough you feel like everything is more difficult, or like you are more reactive, less patient and even you may notice that you don't look as good no matter how much makeup or skin care products you use that morning?
A good night sleep is most of the times the best thing you can do for your body and well being in general. It helps you regenerate your cells, it's great for your skin and also when we have had a good rest we think better and with that, we make better choices. So, I take sleep very seriously because I know that when I have some sleeping problems, which I had a few weeks ago, everything else gets affected. 
Therefore, after having some issues with my sleep I was able to develop a very good night time routine which has helped me to get a good quality rest and I thought it was a great idea to share my tips with you along with my essentials and all the things I need to sleep well at night. So let's start! 

1. Establish a night routine: going to bed every night at the same time it's the first step to a good night sleep because your body will get used to it and when that time comes you will automatically want to go to sleep. Also, try to get up at the same time every day if possible because your body will work better if you establish a routine. Your inner clock will already know when it's time to go to bed and when it's time to get up, which will also help you if you are not a morning person. In my case, I always try to go to bed around 11 or 11:30 pm and then try to wake up before 9 am. 

2. Clean your skin and apply your skin care products: As the skin gets regenerated at night, this is the best time to apply all of the products you need to wake up looking radiant the next morning. Also, I have found there is something very relaxing about taking off all the makeup from the day and applying my favourite products. Currently, I can't live without Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate because this product really does some magic while I'm sleeping and my skin looks completely fresh and healthy the next morning and also L'Occitane Overnight Repairing Concentrate which also helps my hair to look great when I wake up! 

3. Include something that helps you to relax before going to bed: It could be drinking some relaxing tea, listening to some meditation podcast or doing breathing exercises. All of these things will get you in sleeping mode and will help you to reduce the stress that may cause sleeping problems. In my case, I have been obsessed with lavender because I have read it has a lot of relaxing and calming properties so I have started to include it in my night time routine. I just try to drink some lavender tea, which I have bought during my last trip to Croatia, but if you are not able to get this tea, you can look for some other ones that will also help you to relax.  In addition, you can also put just a few drops of lavender essential oils on your pillow or a lavender potpourri under it to get the same relaxing effect. 

4. Find the right mattress and pillow for you: we always notice how when we just changed our pillow or our mattress we find it hard to sleep. Having the right mattress for you it's another key element for a good night sleep, it has to be soft and comfortable but still, it has to be consistent to support your back and help you get a good sleeping posture. I have found some very good mattress at Lessa which I really recommend you to check! 

5. Choose a soft and comfortable pyjama: last but not the least, it's very important to have a good pyjama that feels soft and nice to our skin but also it has to be loose so that it doesn't constrain our blood circulation while we are sleeping. I have recently bought this new pyjama from H&M (similar here) and I'm completely in love with it because the fabric is extremely soft and although it looks super small it's not tight at all, it gently embraces my body and I also love the colour.

So, these are all the things I'm doing in order to get a good sleep at night because I strongly believe that sleeping well it's a very important part of our lives and it's also the start of a great day! I hope you find these tips useful and please let me know if you also have a night time routine and which are your essentials.