miércoles, 19 de julio de 2017

Cool Map Decoration by Modern Map Art

I couldn't be more excited to share this post with you because it was a long time since I have received this gorgeous map of Buenos Aires from the lovely people at Modern Map Art and I really wanted to show you how cool this looks like but the truth is that it took me a while to find the perfect frame for it. The printed map is so beautiful that I couldn't just put it on any frame, that is the reason why the print was sitting in my room waiting until I found it and I'm so happy I took my time on that search because now it looks even more beautiful!
Anyway, going back to the print, it was sent to me by the people from Modern Map Art, they are a brand who makes extremely cool map designs in posters to decorate your home or office, pillows for your bed and even phone cases! This is without a doubt a great gift idea for any traveller friend you may have (or even yourself) because you can choose from many different cities in the world, and you can even pick your favourite country or your favourite mountain map, perfect for the ski lovers as well! Also, you can pick between different colour options and sizes for your printed map so it matches and fits perfectly with the wall you would like to decorate.

It's a great and very original idea to have a nice memory at home of your favourite city, or your hometown, the country you visited when you travelled abroad for the first time but in a way that looks very chic, trendy and sophisticated.
In my case, I received the map of the city I live in, Buenos Aires, and I picked the white version because I think the lighter version of the map matches better with my home office space, where I decided to put it. Plus, on the white version, the river was painted in blue and to me, it looks nicer. Anyway, the black version of the map also looks very elegant and chic, so it was a hard decision to make.

All of these details, such as the city or country you would like to choose, the colour and the size are very easy to define on their website. Everything is very clearly specified for each product and the shopping experience is very enjoyable. I would only point out for those living outside of US that the sizes are expressed in inches instead of centimetres, so keep that in mind when ordering your print.
Another great aspect about shopping in Modern Map Art is that the delivery of the product was extremely fast! I was totally surprised by how fast my print arrived home and of course, it was in perfect conditions and it looks exactly as it does on the website.
I'm very pleased with the quality and the design of this poster and I think it looks perfect in my home office space. In addition, I'm sure it will inspire me when I'm working on the blog just by taking a look at it. I like this idea that much that I'm really thinking about getting another poster with the printed map of Zagreb which is my favourite city in the world!! What do you think? Do you like this map design? Which city would you pick? Tell me in the comments, I would love to know! :)

*Modern Map Art sent me this printed map for me to review. However, all opinions are mine.

lunes, 17 de julio de 2017

Probando las Coronas de Save the Date

Hace unas semanas fui invitada a la producción de fotos de Save the Date para conocer y probar sus productos y, de paso tuve la oportunidad de sentirme una modelo por unas horas!
Save the Date es un nuevo concepto en cotillón de lujo para fiestas y, en especial, para despedidas de soltera. La misión de la marca es que cada novia pueda festejar y vivir a pleno ese momento con sus amigas acorde a su personalidad y viéndose más linda que nunca!
Para eso, crearon con mucho amor y dedicación sus packs especiales para ponerle color a la despedida de soltera, con tocados hermosos para la novia y sus amigas, además de distintos elementos para decorar el lugar donde vayan a festejar, lo cual me parece súper práctico para olvidarse del tema decoración, ya que con el pack se resuelve todo junto!
Como si todo esto fuera poco, cuentan con tres estilos diferentes para elegir: una línea más Romántica con coronas de flores muy hermosas y delicadas, ideal para las novias más refinadas. También cuentan con una línea Trópical con colores mucho más vibrantes y flores más llamativas para aquellas novias más divertidas y, por último una linea Boho, con detalles en cuero y con plumas, que realmente me pareció ideal para llevar a un festival además de ser una propuesta súper divertida y original para una despedida de soltera.
Como les contaba, las chicas de Save the Date me invitaron para que pueda conocer más sobre la marca, sus productos y lo mejor de todo es que me pude probar sus coronas y sacarme las fotos que pueden ver acá! La verdad que me encantó la propuesta, las coronas tienen una calidad excelente, las flores son tan hermosas y de unos colores increíbles que parecen naturales. Además, las combinaciones y los diseños de los tocados son muy modernos, prolijos y me parecieron muy a tono con las últimas tendencias. 
A pesar de que, en este momento, no tenga ninguna despedida de soltera en el futuro cercano, me parece que este tipo de coronas son ideales para llevar a algún festival (tienen una onda muy Coachella, no?), recital o alguna fiesta. Me parece que no hace falta esperar a tener una ocasión tan especial como un casamiento para poder lucir los tocados de Save the Date! Si tienen ganas de mirar más les recomiendo que visiten su Instagram, donde van a encontrar todos los modelos. Espero que les gusten!!
Muchas gracias Save the Date por permitirme conocer y probarme sus hermosas coronas!!! 

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a photo shoot by Save the Date to get to know and try their products and also, I had the chance to feel like a model for a couple of hours!
Save the Date is a new concept of hair pieces and flower crowns for Bachelorette parties. The brand's mission is to help the bride to be to enjoy the most of her Bachelorette party looking at her best with her friends and always in accordance to her personality.
They achieve this by creating with a lot of love and dedication a special kit which includes the most stunning hair pieces and flower crowns, as well as different elements to decorate the venue where the celebration will take place. Not only all of the items are beautiful but also the idea of the kit is very practical!
in addition, they have designed three different styles that you can choose: the Romantic collection, which includes the most beautiful and delicate flower crowns, perfect for that romantic and refined bride. Then, they have a Tropical collection, which has brighter colours and more exotic flowers and it's perfect for a more casual and fun bride and, last but not the least, they have a Boho line that includes some amazing hair pieces with feather and leather details, which I think would look perfect for a summer festival and it's also a great and original idea for a Bachelorette party.
As I mentioned before, the girls from Save the Date invited me to their photo shoot so that I could learn more about their brand and their products and the best thing of all was that I was able to try them on and do the pictures that you can see here! I really fell in love with their concept because all of the crowns and hair pieces have an amazing quality, all of the flowers are beautiful and have an incredible colour that looks like they are natural. Also, all their designs are so modern, polished and trendy.
Even though, I don't really have any Bachelorette party in the near future, I think that these kind of hair pieces are perfect to wear to a summer festival (they do have a Coachella vibe, right?), as I said before, and also to a concert or to a party. I really feel like there is no need to wait for a special occasion, such as a wedding, to wear one of the pieces from Save the Date. If you want to see more of their designs, I strongly recommend checking out their Instagram! Hope you like them!
Thanks to Save the Date for allowing me to get to know and try your beautiful products!!!

miércoles, 12 de julio de 2017

Exploring Samobor

I was still owing you a travel post from my trip to Croatia. Yes, we are already in the middle of the year and I'm still sharing posts from March but anyway I think it's better to distribute the travel posts so that you don't get tired of me talking about Croatia ;)
Anyway, today I want to talk to you about a little fairy tale town located very near to Zagreb, which is called Samobor. I visited Samobor during my last week in Croatia and I'm so happy I did because I totally fell in love with it. The city is so charming that I can completely understand now why all the people in Zagreb were recommending me to go there.
But before we move on to describe the beauty of this city let's start with some facts: Samobor is very close to Croatia's capital city, Zagreb and it's very easy to visit it by just taking a bus and in one hour or less you are there. It is the typical weekend getaway of the people who live in Zagreb so if you go during the weekend you will probably find more people visiting the city. In addition, Samobor is known for having a very interesting Carnival celebration (which I wasn't able to see because I ended up going to Rijeka, but I would really like to check it some other time) and for having the best Kremšnita (a typical Croatian cake which is absolutely delicious).

I visited Samobor on a Monday and I got there around midday. I remember that I didn't even have a map when I jump out of the bus so I just walked with no clear direction looking for the city centre and, as it happened to me all the time during this trip, I was able to find it with no difficulties. That is one of the things I love the most about Croatian cities, it is always so easy to walk around them and find all the places without even knowing where you are exactly going. 
So, once I found the city centre I took some pictures, bought a sandwich and just ate it by the cute little river that crosses the city. I remember the day was glorious, the sun was shining, the temperature was just perfect, not too cold not too hot and it was amazing to be sitting there by the river looking at every single detail of the architecture, enjoying the sun and breathing the clean, pure air.

After that, I followed the river, because there was a path, very similar to those you can imagine on those fairy tale villages, that took me to the Stari Grad, which are some interesting ruins on top of the hill. I wanted to go up on the hill to take a closer look at them but I didn't have enough time so I went back to the riverside and just sat there for a few moments, hearing the sound of the water. I think it that was the most peaceful moment of the entire trip.

That's how the Stari Grad looks like :) 

It was already around 3 pm when I decided to go back to the main square to look for a place to enjoy the famous Kremšnita. I found it immediately but I can't remember the name of that coffee place. It was a nice terrace in the main square and I ordered a cup of coffee with milk and of course a piece of Kremšnita. This typical cake is basically a cream cake and it has a very soft sweet taste and texture. I tried some other Kremšnita in Zagreb and the difference I noticed with the one I ate in Samobor is that the Samobor one was softer. It melts inside your mouth and it is so delicious I would strongly recommend for you to try if you happen to visit Croatia and if you visit Samobor then that is a must!

Kremšnita with coffee at the square 

So true! :P

Once I finished my Kremšnita and my coffee it was time to go. I follow the cute little river in the opposite direction of the Stari Grad and I easily found the Bus Station, feeling a little bit sad of leaving Samobor but so happy that I was able to visit this beautiful city that looks like part of a dream or a fairy tale. I hope you like the pictures and please let me know if you would like to visit Samobor of if you already have visited it, I would like to know your impressions :)